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The summer holidays are a perfect time in Australia to celebrate with friends and family. With Christmas, almost around the corner and festivities starting to gear up, many will experience health problems during the holiday period.

While some people’s health will suffer due to an overindulgence of food and drinks, some will be stressing out due to holiday preparation and some will be just too drunk and tired.

Our doctors at Solitaire Medical Group have come up with a comprehensive guide about how you can remain at the best of your health during the holiday season by beating stress, eating healthily and taking care of yourself.

Coping up with holiday stress and anxiety

A girl stressed after Christmas shopping can follow Solitaire Medical Group's guide to beat holiday blues

Stress and anxiety can ruin your holidays and impact your health in various ways. Preparing for the holiday season often brings massive work, shopping, cooking, cleaning and socialising to name just a few.

Holiday blues are usually developed through personal feelings which means stress can impact people in many forms such as fatigue, sadness, anxiety, sleeping disorders and even headaches. Others can also experience post-holiday depressions such as after New Year’s Day.

But keeping the holiday blues at bay is easy.

Follow these health tips to find your way out from stress:

  • Keep a track of your alcohol intake and limit your consumption as excessive drinking will only add to your worries
  • Be realistic when preparing for the holidays
  • Prepare a financial budget to prioritise the important activities and things to buy and spend money on
  • Make the effort to contact your old friends and family and share your cheer with others
  • Reach out to doctors and seek help with any mental health issues. They are the best professional to reach out to in case you need assistance and help with your mental well-being

Switch to better eating habits during holidays

Fish with vegetables in smaller portions can help avoid overindulgence, Solitaire Medical Group

Making a few changes in your diet can reap big results. The holiday season is a great time to set some realistic eating goals and this doesn’t require a lot of work.

Making subtle changes in your eating habits can set you in the right direction.

Follow these health tips to build healthier eating habits during the holiday season:

  • Avoid overindulging in festive feasts and limit your alcoholic drinks. Overloading yourself with food and drinks might make you happy for the night, but it has both short and long term health issues including increased risk for chronic health conditions, heartburn, indigestion and many more
  • Spread your social engagements throughout the season so you get enough time to rest and recharge
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your meals. Eat a variety of them and fill your plate with more greens than desserts and snacks.
  • Choose better snacks such as low-carb chips with low-fat dips. Eat seasonal fruits as snacks and trade cookies with nuts.
  • Stick to smaller portions but more frequent meals.
  • Cut down on sugar and stick to fresh juices when you have the option. 

Practice self-care during Christmas

Practice self care this Christmas to beat the holiday blues, Solitaire Medical Group

There are many ways you can indulge in self-care to keep yourself nurtured both mentally and physically during the hustle and bustle of the festive season.

Follow these tips when practising self-care:

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Get good sleep
  • Keep active by learning something new like how to bake or how to decorate a Christmas tree.
  • Pamper yourself with new cuisines that you haven’t tried before
  • Do skincare
  • Catch up with your friends and family at get togethers and give yourself time and space to enjoy your moments
  • Watch your favourite Christmas movies 

Stay healthy this Christmas with Solitaire Medical Group

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