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One of the driving forces behind a happier life is ensuring a regular assessment of your health especially if you’re 40-49 years of age or have an existing medical condition. 

A regular health assessment is vital for you and your family. Being aware of your medical conditions and taking precautions with the help of a doctor is a great way of enjoying your life. 

A regular health assessment will ensure:

  • You don’t spend extra medical expenditure and save money. 
  • Early detection would mean your doctor can start a diagnosis before it becomes worse. 
  • Depending upon your screenings, you can seek an expert’s advice. 
  • A simple blood test can tell a big story and eliminate risks to your health.
  • Be more aware of your chronic diseases and take action for conditions like Diabetes or high blood pressures.  

At Solitaire Medical Group, we offer health assessments for a range of medical conditions. Our assessments for chronic diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular screenings are designed for all age groups. From assessing those aged 75 years and older to intellectual disability and assessment for refugees and other humanitarian entrants to Australia, we extend our services to everyone in our community.

Keep on top of your health

Regular health assessments are key to a happy life, Health checks Adelaide

Your screening results can help our doctors to determine key things of your health. In order to provide comprehensive care services,  we conduct screening tests for a range of conditions including: 

  • Bowel Cancer
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer screening
  • Cardiovascular disease screenings 
  • Dental health 
  • Family health checks
  • High Body Pressure 
  • Regular blood tests 
  • Skin Cancer  
  • Sleep analysis 

Our health assessments are a great way to stay aware and improve your health. 

If you’re 40-49 years of age or in any of these categories speak to our doctor about a full health assessment.

To book an appointment, contact our respective medical centres.