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Dr Rajesh Kumar Arora

Dr Rajesh Kumar Arora is a male Doctors available at Bridgeview Family Practice. He has worked as GP with a special interest in paediatrics overseas for 18 years. He has the special Interest in: Newborn and childcare Growth and development Immunization Chronic diseases Management Mental health Men’s Health Preventive care Languages: English Punjabi Hindi

Dr Maryam Akhlaghkhah

Dr Maryam Akhlaghkhah is a Female Doctors available at Bridgeview Family Practice. She has the special Interest in: Women’s Health Kids Health Chronic Disease management Languages: English Persian Dari

Dr Deb Prasad Deb

Dr Deb Prasad Deb is a male GP with a special interest in: Men’s Health Mental health Minor surgeries Chronic disease management Child Health Travel Medicine   Qualifications: Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Science Languages Spoken: English Bengali

Dr Sushmita Roy

Dr Sushmita Roy

A female GP with the areas of interest in: * Women’s Health * Chronic Disease Management * Mental Health * Child’s Health Education: Bachelor Of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Dr Prajwol Joshi

Dr Parjwol Joshi have special interests in: Men’s health Child’s health Preventive health Minor Surgical Procedure Chronic Disease Management Skin Check Availability: Available from Tuesday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Dr Sanjeev Sabharwal

Dr Sanjeev Sabharwal Modbury North Medical Centre

MBBS, MS (Ortho), AO (Swiss), FARCGP Special Interests: Minor surgical procedures Men’s health Mental health issues Orthopaedics Preventive health Workplace Injuries / Illness Languages: Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, English