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Top Question About Women’s Reproductive Health, Answered

Top questions on reproductive health for women answered

A sound reproductive health is not barely the absence of disease but the complete state of a woman’s physical, mental, and social wellbeing. This means that access to reproductive healthcare services, be it, an expert’s advice on choosing the right contraception or having the opportunity to discuss your needs. Here are the top questions about women’s reproductive health, answered by our GP’s at Solitaire Medical Group.

Issue 7! Welcome to our mid-year issue of Thrive

Thrive E-magazine Issue 7, Mid-year Edition , Solitaire medical group

Welcome to our mid-year edition, Issue 7 of Thrive. We bring, yet again another amazing edition with stories that embraces rage core pillars of health and wellness. What’s more exciting is the return of the Olympics to Australia after 32 years. At Thrive, we belief that the sporting spirit is exactly what we need to lift our eyes up a little. Read more to get inspired, educated and fall in love with your health again.

45 is the new 50 for Colon Cancer Screening

45 is the new 50 for colon cancer screening

With an alarming rise of colon cancer cases each year, doctors now recommend people to begin their colon cancer screenings as early as 45, instead of the usual 50. The screening will not only catch colon cancer early when it’s treatable, but it will also help prevent it in the first place by removing tissues that can become cancerous.