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Feeling low after your holidays? Here are some tips to snap out of holiday blues

6 tips to help yourself snap out of holiday blues

The holiday season is the best time of the year but it can be an emotional rollercoaster for some of us. Post-holiday depression, holiday blues or depression after vacation, there are some countless terms used to describe the feeling of sadness and hopelessness after a vacation is over. Holiday blues can come to anyone, however, … Read more

Welcome to the 4th issue of Thrive Magazine

Thrive Magazine Issue 4 for health and wellbeing information

With December upon us and a summer of fun ahead, where we can take the opportunity to de-stress and unwind, you’ll find in this issue of Thrive. We bring you content to help you keep in check what normally is an ‘over-indulging’ time, the opportunity to review your finances by mitigating the ‘Laziness Tax’ and when celebrating with friends and family during the festive period and still enjoy yourself with mindful drinking.

A doctor’s comprehensive guide for a healthy and happy Christmas

Solitaire Medical Group's comprehensive guide for a healthy Christmas season

The summer holidays are a perfect time in Australia to celebrate with friends and family. With Christmas, almost around the corner and festivities starting to gear up, many will experience health problems during the holiday period. While some people’s health will suffer due to an overindulgence of food and drinks, some will be stressing out … Read more

Thrive Magazine #3

Thrive Magazine - Issue 3 displaying front cover and feature story

Welcome to Issue 3 of Thrive Magazine! Health and Wellbeing Information for you and your family. Welcome to the third issue of Thrive magazine. Thank you to all of you who gave us such excellent feedback and valued suggestions for the topics and updates you would like to see more of in future issues. It … Read more

World Heart Day 2020: All About Heart Diseases, know your symptoms and seek timely treatment

World Heart Day 2020, Heart Screening test Adelaide in Solitaire Medical Group, Heart doctors Adelaide

In the time of COVID-19, taking care of your heart health is more important than ever before. Especially patients with pre-existing heart diseases are at higher risk and need to access proper care and treatment. Many of these patients have missed getting medical help during the lockdown because they are afraid of going to doctors … Read more

Thrive Magazine #2

Thrive Magazine cover - Solitaire Medical Group, doctors in Adelaide

Welcome to Thrive Magazine Health and Wellbeing Magazine for you and your family.  Welcome to the second issue of Thrive magazine. We’re delighted by the feedback we’ve had to our launch edition last month; how much you appreciated the diverse, comprehensive health and wellness information designed to help navigate these ultra-challenging COVID-19 days. As well … Read more

Healthcare is a team venture: Allied health professionals are vital in providing high-quality medical care

Allied Health services provides a complete medical solution along with GPs at Solitaire Medical Group

What is Allied Health? Allied health is a term that describes the broad range of the medical industry that aims to provide technical, diagnostic and therapeutic assistance often working within a multidisciplinary healthcare team. They work across clinics, medical practices, hospitals as well as other care homes and educational institutes. Some examples of Allied Health: … Read more