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Dr. Gayle Silveira is an Australian Fellowship-trained foot, ankle, and trauma surgeon. She completed her orthopedic training in Adelaide and is a member of the AOA (Australian Orthopaedic Association) and the American Foot and Ankle Society. In addition, her Master’s degree in Biomechanics and sports Physiology complements her expertise in the field.

If surgery is required, she offers the latest cutting-edge surgical procedures and techniques. Including keyhole surgery, minimally invasive forefoot surgery and complex foot and ankle reconstruction.

She provides assessment and treatment for all foot and ankle conditions, including:

-Bunions and hammer toes
-Sports injuries of the foot and ankle
-Arthritis of the foot and ankle
-Achilles tendon pathology
-Foot and ankle trauma

She consults at various locations around Adelaide making it easy for you to see her closer to your home. Currently, Dr. Silveira is consulting once a month at the Paragon medical centre.