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1) Eat by the seasons 

Fruits and vegetables that are grown and consumed during their respective seasons are more nutritions. In fact, the nutritional value is at its highest right after harvesting. For example, during winters, citrus fruits are particularly higher in Vitamin C than other seasons, which aids  in preventing infections such as cold and flu. 

Besides the health benefits, seasonal produce typically tastes better, easier on your wallet and environmentally sustainable. 

2) Outdoor exercise over hitting a gym 

When you exercise outside, you are able to not only sweat but also enjoy the fresh air, the extra Vitamin D provided by the sun, that supports calcium absorption and functioning of the immune system. 

 A study on “benefits of green space” concluded that just spending 20 minutes in a park, even when you’re not exercising while you’re there – is enough to improve your health and happiness. 

3) Get more Vitamin D 

In recent years, it has become clear that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with highest susceptibility to infections

So, having healthy levels of Vitamin D helps to keep your immune system healthy and may also protect against respiratory illness.  And the best way to receive vitamin D is spending time in the sunlight or if not consuming supplements. 

4) Load up on superfoods 

Citrus fruits, berries, green tea, chia seeds, argula, red bell pepper, garlic and ginger – are loaded with various micro nutrients, anti-oxidants and many forms of vitamins are well known to strengthen your immune system.  

Although they don’t protect you from an infection, these superfoods assist your immune system to fight off bacteria and pathogens that cause the infection. Read our article on “7 superfoods to prevent kidney disease” 

5) Get enough sleep 

Did you know that sleeplessness or sleep deprivation can result in lesser production of antibodies? During sleep, the immune system releases cytokines which you would need more when you have an infection, inflammation or when you’re stressed. 

So, you need to sleep well in order to fight infectious diseases. 

6) Practice proper hygiene habits 

Bad hygiene could cause you severe health issues. For instance, a simple infection can lead to potentially serious conditions like gastroenteritis or cellulitis due to poor hygiene

So, stick to the basics such as washing your hands before and after meals, taking regular showers, washing produce before cooking and good oral hygiene. 

7) “Good bacteria” for boosting your immune system 

Probiotics are associated with maintaining a healthy bowel system and boosting the immune system. 

It aids in restoring the unbalanced microbiome of the digestive system by secreting protective substances keeping the immune system functioning well. 

8) Limit your alcohol consumption 

When you consume an excessive amount of alcohol, it can limit the dispatch of your immune actions and diminishing its impact on infections. 

9) Smoking harms the immune system 

Smoking suppresses the reactive immune signals against an infection, thus compromising the immune system’s function. 

It inhabits the release of reactive oxygen species and other neurological activities that triggers the immune system. 

10) Manage your stress and be happy 

Any kind of stress can have a negative impact on your immune system. For a healthier immune system, manage your stress – regularly workout, drink plenty of water, find new hobbies, have a good social life and if you’re still in holiday blues, find tips to snap out of it quickly.