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Why are you terrified of seeing your dentist?

Actually, it’s not just you, around 75 % of adults in the world too have dentists phobia called (odontophobia).

That’s true, good dental practices including brushing your teeth twice a day, avoiding foods that are bad for your teeth, flossing, and following a health regimen prevent you from many teeth problems.

But sometimes, it does not matter how hard you try, you may find yourself in serious trouble.

Before those serious problems, there are some mild signs and symptoms if you experience any, you should seriously think of taking an appointment.

In this guide, we are going to discuss with you those signs and symptoms or problems, if you face any, or see them coming to you, take them seriously, and take an appointment right away at Paragon Dental Centre.

7 Signs and Symptoms you should not ignore and see your dentist

1. Bad Breath

Well, occasional bad breath might not be due to your skipping brushing and flossing, but persistent bad breath along with extreme embarrassment can be a sign of some serious issue.

As per the dentists, persistent bad breath can be due to gum disease medical term periodontal disease. It is an infection of the soft tissues, and if taken not serious can lead to some serious mouth tissue damage.

If the periodontal disease is not detected and treated in the early stages, it can damage the jawbone, the area that tethers or anchors teeth in its place.

So, if you’re suffering from bad breath or some odd unpleasant taste in your mouth, despite brushing and flossing, it would not go away, skin your regular appointment, and see your dentist right away.

2. Bleeding gums

Just like the way your teeth health directly relates to your oral health, the same formula applies in another case. Healthy gums make healthy teeth, and if there is blood in the gums after brushing or flossing, or in a severe case in a normal situation. It should never go unnoticed.

Bleeding gums is another vital sign that something serious coming to your teeth, and you should visit a dental clinic for an in-depth examination.

Dry Mouth

You know Saliva production not only helps in chewing food, swallowing, and ingestion but it plays a vital role in keeping your teeth healthy.

If your mouth is dry, it can be harmful to healthy teeth and gums as well as many eating and swallowing problems.

If you are on medicine or taking antibiotics, a dry mouth can be a side effect to that. But, if you are facing a dry mouth issue without any solid reason, you should see a professional dentist. A professional dentist will recommend you dental treatments to moisture your mouth and dig out the issue making you suffer from a drying mouth.

4. Toothache

If it is a toothache, I can understand the suffering and pain you must be going through. The toothache can be due to more than one reason, it can be a broken tooth, damaged filling, abscess, and many more. If you had a tooth issue before, and suffering the same again, it will be easier not only for a dentist but for you too to find a cure.

But, if it is the first time, urgent professional dentist help and experience can help you get rid of that toothache right away.

Keep in mind, that homemade remedies maybe can help you eradicate the pain you were suffering, but digging out the problem, and finding a permeant solution requires a professional, and even when your pain is healed, don’t delay to visits a dentist. He/she will determine the cause of the tooth pain and helps you solve the problem once and for all.

5. Changes in the appearance of teeth

Changes in the appearance of how your teeth look are a sign of something serious in cooking. It can be a sign that your jawbone is weak and shifting the size or appearance of the teeth. So, if you have the slightest doubt that your teeth look different, or your colleague noticed something different in your teeth, don’t delay calling your dentist.

One more thing, it is not just the size or appearance of the teeth, if the color of the tooth to looks different, this too should be given urgent attention and care.

Sometimes due to infection in the tooth, the color of the tooth can turn from yellow to brown or in some cases black, which means your tooth gums or tooth are decaying.

6. Difficulty in Swallowing or chewing

If you are facing difficulty in chewing and swallowing, this can be due to misaligned temporomandibular joints. The joints located on both side of your face connects the lower jaw to the skull. If they are misaligned, it will be hard for you not only to speak but to chew and eat too. With the temporomandibular joints misaligned, sometimes, you may face teeth grinding, and even limited jaw movements.

If you are seeing even the slightest symptom of difficulty in chewing and eating, get an appointment from your dentist, and limit yourself to only manageable soft foods.

7. Sores

Not all sores can be a reason for a dental issue, you get sores due to accidentally biting your teeth or eating something hot. But these kinds of sores disappear within a week. If you have sores that are still there even after weeks, it can be an unknown sore or due to you biting your tongue,  it can be a symptom of something serious.

Sores more than often, as per the dentists can be a sign of fungal infection. This fungal infection can have white sores on the roof of your mouth, tongue, or inside the cheek.

Tooth abscesses are also a sign of bacterial infection, if you see a pocket of pus in your mouth, call your dentists immediately, because abscesses can lead to secondary infection and can also infect other parts of the mouth.

These were some most common signs and symptoms if you see any coming to you, you should take it seriously and call your dentist. Dental health is important, and a big part of your oral health. One more thing, you should not limit yourself only to the mentioned signs and symptoms, if you feel irritated or find that your teeth are not fine, painting or refilling cracked, don’t hesitate to take an appointment.