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What we teach our kids, is ‘not to judge others on their appearances’ right?

But our subconscious mind does judge people on their appearances, and one of the first things we notice about others is their teeth.

That’s why teeth whitening has emerged as one of the biggest industries. Latest technology-based teeth whitening treatments are getting famous and helping millions to smile freely.

If you too have taken a teeth whitening treatment, you know how expensive, a time-consuming teeth whitening treatment can be. You won’t like this treatment to go in vain for no reason, and this can go in vain if you eat something fishy right after the treatment.

The first two days after the teeth whitening treatment are crucial. You can’t eat anything you like. It has to be something that doesn’t hurt that treatment, as well as put no stains on the teeth. So, what are the foods we can eat after teeth whitening?

What things we should avoid eating and drinking that can destroy the very soul of that treatment? Let’s explore, and try to learn what to eat after the teeth whitening treatment. Visit Paragon Dental Centre if you are facing any issues with your teeth.

Watch What You Eat

People often don’t think twice even after getting the treatment what made their teeth so yellowish or discolored. And right after the treatment, your teeth are as much as double susceptible to colors and easily absorb the pigments from the food you eat.

So, you must know how the treatment works. The first 48 hours are very important, and will directly impact your overall results. You will see significant improvements right after the treatment, but if you don’t care for what you eat, you could easily lose all the benefits.

Teeth whitening works by expanding your teeth’ enamel. Your tooth becomes porous, that’s how the bleach works and makes your teeth look white. And this is the very food that comes into play, as our teeth’ enamel is expanded, porous, brightly colored, or staining food can easily be absorbed and ruin the entire treatment.

So stick to the diet your dentist recommends, and go with friendly foods in the list we are going to make for you.

The food you can eat after whitening

The formula is very simple; eat lighter food for improved and long-lasting teeth whitening results. Not only right after the treatment but on regular basis too. Avoid foods that put stains on the food, or cause tooth decay, pigmentation, and many other complications.

These are some foods you should eat in the first 24 hours of teeth whitening treatment.

For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should be full of nourishment, and ingredients that fill our day with energy and meet our daily nutrition requirements. Well, in the case of eating right after the whitening treatment, you will have some restrictions. These are some food you can eat for breakfast.

  • Eggs are perfect, but not boiled eggs but scrambled eggs.
  • Non-sugary Cereals with Milk
  • Yogurts, consider taking white Yogurt, any colored Yogurt may result in staining
  • White bread, but remove the crust from it to avoid stains
  • Banana Smoothies
  • Fruits are the best in breakfast, especially if you have the whitening treatment done.

Keep in mind, these are not the only foods you can take. Your option can be broader than what we just mentioned. The idea behind mentioning the foods here is, to avoid the foods that are bright and put stains on your teeth.

For Lunches

  • For Lunches, we mostly prefer sandwiches. Here too you can eat a sandwich, but avoid jams, jellies, mustard, or any other brightly colored food that could put stains on your teeth.
  • White cheese.
  • If you like pizza, pasta, or burger, well you can take any of them, but have mindful of the ingredients being put in them. Avoid jams and jellies, and stick to creamy white sauces.
  • You can eat boiled rice
  • White Fish
  • Pasta, but avoid colored sauces and use green pesto and tomato sauce.

For Dinner

For dinners, our menu most of the time enlists meat and chicken. So be conscious of what you eat, and try to stick to the white diet after teeth whitening treatments.

  • Eat chicken, or white fish, and avoid red meats.
  • Potatoes are fine, but avoid sweet potatoes, and stick to white ones.
  • Beans and rice too is a good option, but avoid black beans
  • Skinless Chicken or Turkey can be the right option, these are healthy and avid-free foods that won’t ruin your teeth whitening treatment.
  • What snacks you can take after teeth whitening/
  • Well, we can’t let go of the snacks, and even after the teeth whitening, you can have snacks. But, the variety can be limited, these are some fine snack options you can have.
  • Potatoes chips are fine, avoid colored Chips though
  • Fruits are amazing, you can have a range of fruits including apples, bananas, and pears, avoid the red and high-acid options.
  • White cheese sticks

More than food, most of us get our teeth whitening to get ruined is by our drinks. So, as important as the right food we eat, the drinks too are equally important. So monitor your beverages, and have detailed in-depth research on what you drink.

  • Drink Milk if you want
  • Water got no negative impact on teeth whitening
  • Banana Smoothies
  • Apple Juice
  • Green Tea, no black tea, please
  • Clear Sodas

Again, the foods or beverages you can have is not limited to what we just narrated. You can have more than these, but remember the simple formula, simpler is always better.

Foods to Avoid

You can eat a white-food list without giving it a second thought unless it got lots of sugars. But what foods you should avoid, these are some that can destroy the progress of teeth whitening.

  • Any colored food or beverage that can leave stains on your teeth
  • Red Pistachios
  • Caramels
  • Cereals
  • Black Teas, and Coffee
  • Red wines
  • Red vingarette
  • Balsamic dressing
  • Beer
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Red meat
  • Pizza with Mariana and Tomato Sauce
  • Spices like Turmeric, curry, cinnamon
  • Chocolates and Sweets
  • Dark Fruits can have their stains left on the teeth, especially blue berries

Again, these are not the only foods you should avoid. Avoid foods that you think and know can put stains on your teeth, or with high acid levels.

A general rule of thumb for eating or avoiding the foods is, that food that can stain your fingers can stain your teeth.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned, our teeth whitening treatment or procedure enlarges enamels and makes them porous. They are more susceptible to stains within 48 hours of the treatment. If you don’t care for what you eat, and even eat the food one should avoid even with healthy teeth, you are putting the hard work of your dentist, and your money in vain.

So, watch the food you eat after the treatment, and eat the foods we listed here to get the sparkling teeth we are born with.