Does Flossing Whiten Teeth? Let’s Find The Truth

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Flossing is a time taking process, it takes around 5-10 minutes with a flosser thread.

And maybe that’s the reason the number of people who floss daily is rising moderately, with 50 percent in 2003, compared to 45 percent in 1997.

But the number of people who do it more than once is tripled to 9.5-percent from 3.2 percent.

But the latest turns of events had made it way easier than ever before.

With battery-operated flossers and flossing holders, the flossing process has been made easier.

Flossing is not a big industry, but the tooth whitening industry is one of the biggest with 600 million dollars, and 15-16% annual rises.

Looking at the new flossing enthusiasts in mind, tooth whitening companies expanded their offerings with whitening flossers.

As per them, the whitening flossers brighten the smile by whitening the yellow teeth.

Well, people took it very seriously, and the sales of whitening flossers were touching the sky.

People think that whitening floss bleach the teeth to produce the results but in reality, nothing is like that.

The whitening flossers only do the job of flossing, they don’t bleach your teeth. You can visit Paragon Dental Centre for your cleaning and other matters.

In this post we are going to discuss how flossing helps you maintain teeth whitening, or is there anything like whitening flossers?

Does flossing whiten teeth?

Let me clear it up once and for all, whitening flossers don’t whiten your teeth by bleaching them. They are not effective to whiten yellow teeth or black teeth.

 If you are suffering from a black tooth or any other medical condition, flossing or whitening flossers can’t help you with anything like that.

What flossers and especially whitening flossers do is, keep the teeth white by getting rid of the food particles stuck between the teeth and preventing plaque buildup. In other words, what a whitening flosser does is remove the build-up and plaque which otherwise would have hurt your teeth with yellowing teeth or tooth decay.

The best example to help understand this phenomenon is, a vacuum cleaner does not change the color of your carpet, but what it does is, remove the dust and make your carpet look brighter and sparkling. The flossers too do the same, helps you maintain your tooth help and prevent it from yellowing or tooth decay.

Well, the whitening flossers are better than regular flossers, but they don’t bleach the enamel, but clean in-between spaces of the teeth.

In my view, the greatest virtue of flossing more than whitening the teeth or brightening your smile is, it keeps your gums healthy. It helps your teeth stay healthy, and prevent them from irritation, inflammation, or in longer run gingivitis.

Keep in mind, if you are a flossing enthusiast and do it religiously, don’t overdo it. Yes, those who are more concerned about their teeth whitening are found overdoing flossing which brings more harm than good to your gums.

If you destroy your gum line by overdoing flossing or doing it incorrectly you are making your tooth longer which aesthetical is not appealing.

One more thing, if you are just started flossing your teeth because of an infection, irritation, or other medical condition upon your dentist’s advice, you may feel within 1-2 weeks that your teeth are more glowing than before.

It’s not because flossing whitens your teeth or there is some bleach product involved in whitening flosser, it’s because there were stains in between your teeth, and now when you have started flossing, the stains will be removed or vanished with time. In other words, by flossing the interproximal area may look whitened.


In a nutshell, flossing does not whiten your teeth but it keeps your teeth white by preventing plaque build-up which results in tooth decay or yellowing. In general, even whitening flossers don’t bleach the enamel of your teeth but keep them clean and sparkling.

If you started flossing and there were stains in between your teeth, flossing can remove those stains and make your tooth look white, but overall it does not whiten your teeth.