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World Health Organization, WHO recommends everyone to practice social distancing or maintaining physical distance with one another. Social distancing is a non-pharmaceutical intervention to prevent further spread of contagious diseases like the COVID-19. 

It is recommended to maintain at least 1.5 meters or two arms distance as part of your social distancing norm with your fellow runners when accessing a public park for your morning routine or when you visit supermarkets for your weekly groceries. It is also recommended to avoid accessing places where maintaining 1.5 meters of distance with others could be difficult to follow. While it is important to keep fit and healthy during a lockdown like this, maintaining social distancing while using parks and running tracks are inevitable for our own safety. The Government also advises cancelling all non-essential travels, including travels this Easter break.

You are still permitted to go out for your essential shopping, medical check-ups or exercising (only with one more person) but you may be penalised with fines and probable jail terms if social-distancing rules are not followed. 

Stringent laws and enforcement have been placed across Australia, in a response to slow the infection rate of COVID-19 and prevent further community transmission. All states and territories across Australia have their own separate guidelines for social distancing. New guidelines are frequently updated by the Government for accessing public places including parks, public bathrooms, and even lifts.