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Preventative medicine is one of the most proactive approaches to healthy living. Doctors and experts around the world would always recommend preventative  medicine as a way to live a healthy life. At our medical centres, the sole aim of our preventative  medicine doctors is to help you maintain your overall health and prevent disease rather than treat or cure a condition.

Preventative medicine involves a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and seeking help from doctors routinely to prevent or detect medical issues early enough to make wise decisions on your health concerns.

Why is preventative medicine important? 

Our doctors and specialists highly recommend preventative  medicine. With medical examinations and expert consultation, your underlying medical illness can be detected and effectively diagnosed. A routine health check for you and your family is crucial for healthy living. There are mainly 5 reasons why preventative  medicine is important.

  • With early tests and consultations, chronic disease management gets easier for both the patient and the doctors.
  • Ability to remain informed about your medical conditions and take precautions.
  • Preventing further complications and symptoms that can be painful.
  • Increased lifespan
  • Saving time and money from undergoing complex medical surgeries or procedures, often indispensable when diagnosed with severe medical illness.

How can GP help with preventative  medicine?

GPs have expertise in a wide range of care services including cancer screening, blood tests, CT scans, and even intervention with excessive alcohol and drug consumption. GPs can put different preventative measures into practice and guide you through a plan that will benefit you in a long way.

Apart from preventative medicine plans, they help in promoting your overall health. Our doctors often work as a team to find the best possible care service for you. GPs can help with diet plans, keeping a good mental-wellbeing, weight management, sexual health, and a host of other concerns.

Preventative medicine doctors would also decide if further examinations are necessary and refer you to specialists if required.

We have an integrative approach for preventative medicine that helps to check for probable cancers, strokes, heart diseases, prevent infections and other diseases of aging. Listening carefully to your GP and actioning their advice is your chance to prevent disease and live healthier, be happier, and hopefully live longer. To hear their advice book an appointment now or check our contact details for all our four centres here.