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We value high-quality patient’s information.

High-Quality patients information now accessible via website

Our medical clinics understand the importance of high-quality patient information and that is why we maintain excellent and up-to-date information for all our visiting patients. We believe it is our responsibility to provide clear, relevant and understandable information on your treatment, your rights, your prescriptions, and your referrals to name a few, and we take … Read more

Maintain Social distancing for you and for the community

Covid-19 Official Social Distancing advice by Australian Government

World Health Organization, WHO recommends everyone to practice social distancing or maintaining physical distance with one another. Social distancing is a non-pharmaceutical intervention to prevent further spread of contagious diseases like the COVID-19.  It is recommended to maintain at least 1.5 meters or two arms distance as part of your social distancing norm with your … Read more

Telephonic consultations now at Solitaire Medical Group

Telehealth consultation provided to customers

We are committed to providing telehealth at all our 4 clinics –  Modbury North Medical Centre  Cross Keys Medical Centre, Bridgeview Family Practice, and Murraylands Medical Centre. Telehealth is available for eligible patients for consultations with our specialists and GPs. Our clinics are committed to extending our ongoing support to the Government’s telehealth initiative along … Read more